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The WCDT2018 Poster Session will take place on Thursday, August 16 17:30-19:00

Poster Set Up Time: Thursday, August 16 3:00-17:30
Poster Break Down Time: Saturday, August 18, 13:30
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List of WCDT2018 Poster Presentations

List of Poster Presenters & Abstract Titles

(listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name)
Last, First NameSubmitted Title
Acar, SibelEvaluation of Dental-Trauma, First-Aid Knowledge Levels Among Classroom Education Students
Albuquerque, Maria Tereza
Pulp Revascularization: First Step To Rehabilitate A Complicated Tooth Fracture
Almeida, Júlio
Traumatic Dental Injuries in Permanent Teeth: A Five Years Restropective Study
Alrayyes, SaharRevalence of Traumatic Dental Injury and Follow-up in a Metropolitan Hospital
Amzallag, Daniela
Conservative management in Cervical Root Fracture with Displacement of Coronal Fragment
Andrade, Maria Josefina
Factors Influencing Pulp Prognosis in Crown Fractures of Permanent Teeth
Austah, Obadah
Management of Traumatized Immature Permanent Incisor using modified Regenerative Endodontic Procedure
Awawdeh, Lama
Human Periodontal Fibroblasts Viability Stored in Custodiol®, Coconut and Propolis
Bani-Hani, ThikrayatThe Cost of Dental Trauma in Children
Barrera, Viviana
Replantation of Primary Teeth and Sequelae on the Successor: Preliminary Report
Bratteberg, Magnus
Multiple Episodes of Traumatic Dental Injuries and Related Life-Course Events
Bu, Namung
Forced Eruption: An Option for Crown-Root Fractured Tooth
Chandrasekaran, Nirmala
Sequela and Management Of Dental Traumatic Injuries
Chellasamy Savrimalai, Karumaran

Newer Strategies To Create Awareness Among Public Regarding Traumatic Injuries
Chen, Gin
The Prevalence of Diffuse Calcification in Traumatic Injuries Permanent Teeth
Cho, Sin-Yeon
Outcomes After Tooth Transplantation and Analysis of Affecting Factors
Choi, Sooji
The Conservative Approach of Mandibular Fracture in Children: Case Report
Cilensek, Maja
Replantation of an Avulsed Permanent Incisor in Conjunction with Mesiodens Removal
Cornejo Surjan, Soledad
The Exception to the IADT Protocols: Patients with Special Needs
Durhan, Muesser Ahu
A Case Report of Early and Delayed Replantations and Luxation Injuries
Garcia, Fernanda
Effect of Rewetting Solutions on Fracture Resistance of Reattached Tooth Fragments
Garrido, Mauricio
Bioceramics and Ca(OH)2: Cellular Response of Human Apical Papilla Cells
Geraldino, Rogério
A Model of Care for Urgency in Dental Trauma
Gunay, Bashak
A Recurrent Dental Trauma Case with Undisclosed Epilepsy History
Imran, Zainal Abidin
Case Report Re-Attachment of Fractured Crown with 2-years Follow Up
Kallassalu, Liina
Management of Intruded Maxillary Incisors: A case report
Kargul, Betul
Flexible Spiral Wire in Management of Avulsed Tooth
Kim, Bansuk
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures for an Immature Mandibular Premolar in Adult
Kim, Dohyun
Long-term Survival of Avulsed Anterior Teeth up to 10 Years
Kim, Gyulim
Late Onset of Apical Periodontitis After Root Development of Traumatized Immature Permanent Incisors - Report of Two Cases
Kim, Jung-Hoon
Orthodontic Treatment of a Patient with Missing of Maxillary Central Incisor
Koli, Dheeraj KumarManagement of Dental Trauma in Anterior Jaws with Dental Implants
Kornerup, Ida Margarita
Consequences of Treatment Deficiency in a Dental Trauma Avulsion Case
Kratunova, Evelina Management Challenges of Horizontal Root Fractures: Literature Review and Cases Report
Lee, Chan-Hyun
Tooth Fragment Reattachment with
Fiber Post on a Complicated Crown-Root Fracture
Lee, Soohyuk
Management of Complicated Crown-Root Fracture with Surgical Extrusion
Maia, Elaine
Urgency Care of Dental Trauma in Fifteen Steps
Malek, MatthewComplications in Treating Traumatized Teeth
Mammadli, Narmin
Management of a Complex Dental Trauma Case
Martínez, Catalina
Tricalcium Silicate-Based Cement in Complicated Fracture in Immature Primary Dentition
Maslamani, Manal
Effect of Periodontal Ligament Removal with Gauze Prior to Delayed Replantation in Rabbit Incisors on Rate of Replacement Resorption
Mercado, Montserrat
Retreatment of Regenerative Endodontic Procedure
Minetto, Rossana
Healing of Combinated Injuries: Root Fracture and Avulsion of Coronal Fragment
Moura, Camilla
Effects of Lectin (ScLL) on Osteoclast Maturation – Preliminary Study
Na, YunKyung
Clinical Application of Novel Dentin-Pulp Regeneration Protein to Dentin Hypersensitivity
Nagata, Juliana
The Improvement of Dental Trauma Knowledge After Educational Intervention
Nagata, Mariana Emi
Severe Intrusion in the Primary Tooth: 6-year-follow-up Case Report
Odersjö, Mari Louise
Incidence of Dental Traumatic Injuries in Children a Prospective Study
Ogundare, Temiloluwa A Survey of The Knowledge of Mouthguards use Among Oau Students
Oldin, Anna
TDI and General Unintentional Injuries Among Swedish Children - Risk Factors
Palermo, Guendalina
Awareness and Visualization Campaign for DTI and Mouthguard Use
Pereira, Andrea
Treatment Outcomes of Apexification and Revascularization in Traumatized Immature Teeth
Poli Harlowe, Alessandra
Dental Trauma Treatment Outcome Using Bioceramic Materials
Quiroz, Mariela
Dental Trauma Knowledge of Undergraduates Dentistry Students in Chile. Pilot Study
Ramachandran, Anil Kumar
Management of Regenerative Endodontic Procedures with a Novel Barrier Material
Rasool, Tayyaba
Knowledge Regarding Emergency Care of Dental Trauma Among Dental Students
Reymus, Marcel
3D Printed Model for Hands-on training in Dental Traumatology
Salinas, Alejandra
Multidisciplinary Approach in a Severe Crown-Root Fracture Histologic-Imagenologic Follow up
Secchi, Pabla
Different Treatments for Necrotic Traumatized Immature Teeth: A Case Report
Segovia, SoniaManagement of Mandible Alveolar Process Fracture. A Case Report
Silva, Léa Assed Bezerra
Root Surface Treatment with Denosumab Improves Tooth Replantation Outcome
Soares, Carlos
Sequelaes in Adjacent Teeth of Traumatized Incisor – Finite Element Analysis
Soares, Priscilla
Replanted Teeth Stored in a Newly Developed Powdered Coconut Water Formula
Sobczak, Michal
Management and Planning of the Treatment After a Complex Dental Trauma
CanceledComparative Management of Periapical Cysts Secondary to Dental Trauma
Staberg, Marie
Traumatic Dental Injuries in Children with Externalizing Behavior
Taha, Nessrin
Bleaching After Successful Regenerative Endodontics Following Complicated Crown Fracture
Takimoto, Koyo
Avulsed Tooth Treated Both Extraorally and Intraorally with Regenerative Endodontic Procedure
Thelen, Dorina Sula
Dental Traumatic Injuries in an Orthodontic Population
Tishkina, Olga
AutoTransplantation in Case of Congenitally Missing Bicuspids
Verim, Çiçekci Ayşegül
Delayed Replantation of a Lower Canine; 1-Year Follow Up
Vilela, Andomar
Impact on Primary Tooth on Permanent Germ - Finite Element Analysis
Weisleder, Rebeca
Tooth Submersion - A Resort for bone Maintenance after Trauma
Woodmansey, KarlAdvanced Imaging Techniques 3-D Optical Coherence Tomography (3-D OCT) for Visualization of Dentinal Fractures
Wu, Shao-Ying
Management a Failed Regenerative Endodontic Procedures in Lower Second Premolar
Zar, Mariana
ANKYLOSIS AND DECORONATION: A Case Report. Cordoba - Argentina
Zhang, Xin
Outcomes of Surgical Extrusion For Crown–Root Fracture Teeth
Aldhefairi, Fatima

Pattern Of Root Resorption With Teeth Associated With Dry Time More Than 12 Hours